Financial Industry Disputes Lawyer

The financial industry is one of the most regulated industries in the country and as a result of so many rules and laws, industry disputes are common. Our industry disputes lawyers here at Block & Landsman have many years of experience in handling matters such as hiring or firm transfers; disciplinary actions involving the Securities Exchange Commission, the Certified Financial Planner Board and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority; employment agreements; promissory notes or employee forgivable loan claims; and restrictive covenants/noncompete agreements/employment agreements.

Receiving notice that you or your financial firm is the subject of an investigation is serious. If not handled properly, you could find yourself facing barring from the financial industry, suspension of your advisor license and expensive fines. Our knowledgeable business litigation attorneys can prepare you for an ‘on-the-record’ interview, assist you with preparing your submitted response to the allegations, help you gather any documents requested by the agency, and represent you in a hearing to make sure you receive a strong defense.

Employment Contract Attorney and Form U5

If you worked for a brokerage firm as an investment advisor, financial advisor or a securities broker, and you were fired, you should know that the firm must file what is called a Uniform Termination Notice for Securities Industries Registration form. Commonly referred to as Form U5, this form becomes a permanent record and is accessible to potential employers in the financial industry. Therefore, it is important to make sure the information on this form is accurate.

In some cases, a brokerage firm uses the Form U5 as a source of retaliation against you. For example, the form may state that you were fired for financial fraud, churning, or proposing unsuitable investments to clients when this is not true. If this has happened to you, we can file a Form U5 defamation claim on your behalf and demand that the false information be removed. We may also be able to obtain compensation for the damages caused by your ex-employers’ statements.

Defend Your Reputation

Whether you are a brokerage firm accused of fraudulent actions or you are a financial professional, it is important to defend your reputation. Our defamation attorneys sit down with you to discuss your case, look at all relevant information and give you honest answers to your questions.

There is no need to face complex business litigation on your own. If you are involved in a lawsuit, we can help. We also represent victims in securities and commodities litigation and in matters concerning breach of fiduciary duty. Contact us today at 312-251-1144 to set up your consultation with an industry disputes lawyer.