Trusted Securities Fraud Attorney

A financial planner is someone whom an investor should be able to trust. Unfortunately, as our securities fraud attorneys have seen, there are some dishonest people in the industry who abuse investors’ confidences. Our experienced lawyers at Block & Landsman have spent decades advocating on behalf of people who have suffered substantial losses as a result of fraudulent and negligent activity.  Our industry knowledge and tenacious approach to every case has enabled us to recover millions of dollars for our clients.

Commodities Fraud Lawyer

Brokers may commit a number of illegal acts in order to manipulate an account to try to make more commission. As any misrepresentations attorney would know, fraudulent activities that may lead to securities and commodities litigation include the following:

  • Making inconsistent recommendations
  • Suggesting unsuitable investments strategies
  • Churning, or completing excessive transactions on accounts
  • Switching mutual funds
  • Directing a client to make inappropriate investments

A responsible broker who wants to avoid an accusation of breach of fiduciary duty should always disclose risks of purchasing and selling any investment as well as those associated with investing in margin accounts. Making false claims or promises about a company’s products, sales or assets or any other misleading statements is considered a fraudulent act.

There are federal laws in place that protect consumers from these types of behaviors. Our lawyers have represented clients in matters involving the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”), the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”). We are also experienced in business litigation in state and federal courts across the country.

Protect Your Interests

If you have suffered as a result of financial wrongdoing, the only way to recoup those funds is through filing a claim. Having an experienced attorney at your side throughout the claims process when pursuing any investment fraud or commodities fraud action increases your chances of recovering losses. Our goal is to protect your interests and your assets by holding the negligent or fraudulent parties responsible.

At Block & Landsman, our attorneys are also experienced in working with a variety of commercial matters. Whether we are investigating industry disputes or representing a client in a case involving restrictive covenants, non-compete agreements or breach of contract disputes, we take the time to explain the issues and establish a clear goal. You deserve to tell your story and recover your monetary losses. To schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your circumstances today, please contact us at 312-251-1144.