Protect Your Assets, Your Financial Future

Financial fraud of all types is sometimes treated as merely unavoidable offenses, in particular when only a modest sum of money is involved.   But that is based on a false impression – when a business or individual is guilty of cheating investors, it can have serious and destructive consequences to victims regardless of the amount at issue. Securities fraud litigation and class action lawsuits can reverse these consequences.

The attorneys at Block & Landsman take securities litigation and class action work very seriously – and make it a major part of our practice.

Modest losses to a large number of investors or individuals stemming from the same misconduct is the hallmark of class action litigation.  However, “strength in numbers” helps to level the playing field via a class action.  There are several ways in which businesses, their management, and individuals such as brokers fail to meet their fiduciary responsibilities and inflict financial harm on others.   Far too often, the financial harm impacts a large number of people. Not sure if you have a case? Consider the following types of infractions:

Insider trading – If a relationship of trust and confidence between a company and its investors is breached because a limited number of investors were given non-public information (that is material to the performance of the underlying company), it may be insider trading.  Targets for civil litigation may include hedge fund managers, corporate executives, technical experts (in R&D, for example) or company attorneys.

Misrepresentation – If a broker or brokerage firm promotes a certain investment without disclosing all the important information necessary to make an informed investment decisions, or understates the risks of that investment, the conduct may fall outside the boundaries of professional standards and prudence, and may qualify for class action litigation.

Market manipulation – This can take many forms ­– such as rumor creation to drive up a stock price or its corollary, driving down the price by heavy selling or short selling – and in all such cases the shareholders stand to lose money. Depending on the number of people affected and the amount of the losses, individual litigation or class action treatment may be appropriate.

Your first step to protecting your assets and your financial future is to contact Block & Landsman to discuss the facts and circumstances of your losses.