Business Litigation Attorneys

The business world is becoming increasingly complex. This is particularly true if you are in an industry which faces strict regulations and government oversight, such as the financial sector. If your business is currently embroiled in a legal battle, or if you are negotiating an employment agreement, you may benefit from consulting with a business litigation attorney from Block & Landsman. We have the experience to address all issues and bring any problems to a resolution quickly and efficiently.

Employment Agreements

The law governing employment agreements is constantly changing.  More and more frequently, executives and consultants alike are required to sign an employment or consulting agreement with contain restrictive covenants and other terms.  Whether you are on the management side or consultant/employee side in any industry, you need to ensure that existing and future employment agreements are properly written to guarantee their enforceability, without jeopardizing your future.  Without such diligence, you may lose key employees, risk disclosure of critical trade secrets, or impair your future employment.

Types of Business Litigation

Business legal issues can come in a number of forms. Speaking with a commercial litigation lawyer may be beneficial if you are facing or anticipate industry disputes in any of the following areas:

Regardless of what type of litigation issues you are facing, a seasoned business litigation lawyer from Block & Landsman can help. We will guide you through your legal options so that you can bring these matters to a close and get back to focusing on your future.