Laurence M. Landsman

Laurence M. Landsman


Laurence M. Landsman is a skilled trial attorney who applies more than twenty-five years of experience representing investors, introducing brokers and registered investment advisers. Mr. Landsman has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of his clients through arbitration, state court and federal court litigation.

Practice Areas: Securities & Commodities Litigation, Business Litigation, and Class Action Litigation

From early in his career, Laurence M. Landsman has believed that the integrity of the financial markets depends on eliminating fraud and deception that can affect all market participants. For over twenty years, Mr. Landsman has represented investors who have suffered devastating losses due to a wide variety of fraudulent investment schemes, including misappropriation and theft of funds, churning, breach of fiduciary duty, selling away and misrepresentation. He believes that victims of fraud need to be able to hold accountable those who breach the trust of the customers who rely on them. At the same time, Mr. Landsman recognizes that market participants need to have their rights protected, so that financial advisers can freely seek better employment opportunities while brokerage firms have their legitimate business interests protected.

Mr. Landsman is well known for his work in the field of securities litigation. He has published several articles in leading legal journals on a wide variety of securities and litigation related topics. He has been interviewed for articles in national publications, including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. He has also been the featured speaker and chairman for a variety of continuing legal education seminars concerning financial fraud and developments in securities law. Moreover, Mr. Landsman has committed time as an advisory board member to the Loyola Consumer Law Review, and an advisory board member to the charitable organization Little City Foundation.

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