Alan F. Block

Alan F. Block


Alan F. Block is a seasoned litigator who unflinchingly advocates to protect the assets and rights of his clients. Whether in a courtroom or an arbitration setting, for over twenty five years Alan has represented professionals, high net worth individuals and business people in financial and business disputes with reliable success. Representative clients include successful executives, private investors, publically traded companies, a hedge fund, and some of the largest healthcare operators in Illinois.

Practice Areas: Securities & Commodities Litigation, Business Litigation,and Class Action Litigation

Alan’s success stems from his goal oriented focus. Far too many attorneys are caught up in the process of litigation and lose sight of the costs, financial and otherwise, in following a predetermined path. Creativity, forethought and a keen ability to listen serve as the foundation for Alan’s representation of the client’s interests. Whether seeking compensation for investors who have fallen victim to investment fraud or gross management by a financial advisor, or counseling an executive with regards to a restrictive covenant in his or her employment contract, Alan approaches each case on an individual basis and works with that client to formulate a strategy to achieve the client’s goal. Similarly, when representing clients against governmental agencies such as the SEC or the CFTC, Alan’s experience and thorough preparation are key to facilitating a desirable outcome.

Alan’s professional career started as a Registered Pharmacist for a national pharmacy chain. As a member of management he acquired keen insights into business and areas of complex regulation. That experience translated seamlessly into the area of financial regulation after he became an attorney. With scores of arbitrations and trials on behalf of investors and financial industry professionals, Alan has a unique resume of experience to assist his clients. Alan also has substantial experience in real estate transactions having participated in over 500 separate transactions including representation of a publically traded bank in the divestiture of its real estate portfolio. Alan has been interviewed and quoted by financial and news publications on numerous occasions, and has been a guest lecturer for numerous college level business and law related classes. When he is not working, Alan enjoys spending time with his wife of 27 years and his two daughters, or pursuing his passion for scuba diving.